The Items Every Fashion Girl Will Shop in 2017


A Love Is Blind

Now that 2017 is finally here, you can officially argue the point that you haven't done any shopping this year and have it be valid. Since we know our loyal readers (that's you) are always on the hunt for the items that are on the verge of trending as opposed to the trends all their friends are already wearing, we gathered the shopping items that fashion connoisseurs absolutely need this 2017. 

The spring 2017 runway collections presented colors, textures, and themes that had us wide-eyed and hopeful for the new year of fashion ahead. If we can summarize the ultimate fashion-girl shopping list into on word, it would be this: lively. From pink pants to rainbow accessories, statement sleeves to long-forgotten logo-adorned pieces, we apologize in advance for the number of items you're about to buy. Would this be the appropriate time to say sorry, not sorry?

Scroll down to shop the ultimate 2017 fashion-girl shopping list!