This Cool Skinny-Jean Trend Is Perfect for Women of Any Height

Pretty much every woman owns at least one pair of clean, classic skinny jeans, which are always a no-brainer. But from time to time, new skinny-jean trends emerge that also deserve a place in your closet, and Cindy Crawford just wore one that's definitely worth considering.

In recent months, we've been seeing more and more split-hem skinny jeans on the market. The pair that Crawford clearly approves of is from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's latest collection with Paige. With a 34.5" inseam, they were designed to be worn with heels, but even if you choose to wear flat shoes, they won't bunch at the ankles (which isn't the most flattering look). At 5'9", Crawford opted to wear them with flat sandals, and they'd look equally cool with sneakers, ankle boots, or stilettos. 

So whatever your height and whatever type of shoe you choose to pair with your skinny jeans, you might want to invest in the split-hem trend if you're as adverse to skinny jeans that pool around the ankles as we are. 

See and shop Cindy Crawford's flattering skinny jeans below.

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