Sophia Amoruso's New Book Is Nothing Like Her First

After the resounding success of #GirlBoss, it only makes sense that Sophia Amoruso would do another book, but her new release, Nasty Galaxy, is way different than its predecessor.

Nasty Galaxy is a coffee table–style book, but as Sophia told Refinery29, it’s not your standard inspirational fare. “A lot [of coffee table books] feel phoned-in. Many are just filled with photos, or they’re like, ‘here’s my life,’ or there’s a how-to on decorating a cupcake—and, oh, look, there’s another picture of Jane Birkin! Many women have put out style books that have kind of already been done. This is a lifestyle book for a girl who’s not as obvious in her interests; she probably already knows how to wear a blouse.”

In the book, Sophia has included women who inspire her, from musicians like Siouxsie Sioux to actresses like Pam Grier, alongside anecdotes from her life, how-tos, advice, rich color photographs, and so much more. Ultimately, she shares not just her own personal inspirations but also the inspirations that make up the Nasty Gal brand. If you want to get inspired, you can preorder the book now before it hits stores on October 4.

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Opening Image: David Livingston/Getty