You Might Recognize the Star of Beyoncé’s New Ivy Park Campaign From La La Land

Beyoncé's activewear line, Ivy Park, just released its latest campaign, and if you think you see some familiar faces alongside Queen Bey, you aren't wrong.

The campaign stars actress and ballerina Sonoya Mizuno, who you might recognize from her role as Caitlin in La La Land. She also starred in Beauty and the Beast as Debutante, so needless to say, she's an upcoming Hollywood force to be reckoned with. This is Sonoya's first Ivy Park campaign, but as both a budding actress and a talented dancer, she seems like a perfect fit for the brand.

"I love being pushed and pushing myself. The ultimate point of elevation. That extreme rush of adrenaline," she said in an Ivy Park Instagram post. "It opens my mind to the power of transformation."

The campaign also stars model Sophie Koella, who has modeled for Ivy Park (and Vogue, NBD) before, and Beyoncé herself. With company like this, it's no wonder the photos look amazing.

Take a look at Sonoya Mizuno and the latest Ivy Park campaign below.