So Solange Is Buying This Summer Item in Every Color—Enough Said 


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In case you haven't noticed, Solange Knowles is a woman who dresses with confidence, originality, and intent. It's those factors that make nearly every ensemble she puts on feel truly one of a kind. Take her recent Met Gala look, for example, as she boldly stepped out in a plush, floor-sweeping black coat instead of a gown, or even the cohesive and extremely forward aesthetic she maintains throughout her performances. This girl knows what she is doing when it comes to fashion.

With that said, during the Reebok Classics' Coachella event hosted in Indio, California, a three-day experience that celebrates the three pillars of the Classic Leather—fashion, music, and fitness—Solange gave guests of the trip a private musical performance where she convinced us even further of how chic the Classic Leather sneaker can be as her performance look consisted of a breezy all-white set and a crisp pair of Reeboks. Post performance, I had the opportunity to sit down with Solange to discuss her personal style with her a little more intimately.

"What's one thing you always put on when you want to feel the most powerful or confident, whether it's day today or on stage?" I asked the singer, and in typical Solange fashion, her response was not as I expected, keeping me on my toes with her every word.

"You know, earlier today I was actually talking about the idea of kind of carving out a uniform, and there's this designer named Black Crane where I bought the same jumpsuit in two different colors, three different ones, of the same style. So I have six, if that makes any sense—three nudes and three of the golden hue. [It offers] functionality but also this expression to your creative process of being able to have this one thing that's a go-to that makes you feel wholeheartedly yourself.

"So as of late, and I'm going to go put it on before I go get on this plane, it's been my Black Crane jumpsuit. It has very clean lines, but it has all of these little details so you can kind of tweak it and funk it out. It feels like me. I love it."

If Solange is this obsessed with an item that is not only functional but also reasonably priced, it's worth paying attention to, no? Below, shop the Black Crane jumpsuit Solange says she is buying in every color.

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