12 Pairs of Cute Socks to Wear With Your Fall Boots

Rejoice, dear reader, for fall is officially upon us! Although it might still be rather hot where you're reading this, rest assured that the cool and crisp temperatures of the forthcoming season will soon descend.

Sartorially speaking, one of the best things about fall fashion is getting cozy. This can mean anything from bundling up in your favorite oversize knit scarf to wrapping up in your S.O.'s cardigan. For us, it can be summed up in one word: socks.

Socks are not just tiny sweater hugs for your feetno! They can also be a great fashion statement when utilized properly; there's nothing more ladylike than a pretty lace ruffle poking out of the top of a good Chelsea boot.

Keep scrolling to shop 12 of our favorite pairs of socks that look perfect with fall boots!