Too Lazy to Tie Your Sneakers? Hailey Baldwin Has the Answer

We've all been there: You're rushing to get somewhere and the last thing you need to do is put on your shoes. It may sound silly, but the act of tying your sneakers can take up precious time that you either don't have or don't want to take. As such, lazy girls and busy girls alike would agree that the best solution to this low-key predicament is shoes that you don't have to tie, which is where the latest Hailey Baldwin–endorsed sneaker trend comes in. 

Baldwin paired her (high-fashion) sweats with equally high-fashion sock sneakers: Balenciaga's Speed Knit Sneakers, which are currently available for preorder and will undoubtedly sell out. But not to worry—Nike and Zara are also on board with the sock-sneaker trend. Say goodbye to sneaker tying for good (or at least until the next trend comes along).

See how Hailey Baldwin styled her sock sneakers and shop the trend for yourself below!