SNL's Hilarious Take on French-Girl Style

We've discussed at length the difference between French style and American style. But as we pointed out with Vogue's take on the two fashion scenes, we never really get sick of it. So you can imagine our joy when Saturday Night Live showcased its take on French-girl style over the weekend.

As Glamour pointed out, during a recent sketch featuring Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon in America's Funniest Cats, the show's costume designer has dressed the comedians in every French-girl stereotype. We're talking simple black-and-white outfits featuring pussy-bow blouses, oxfords, and pretty lace details. And sure, as Glamour mentioned, these are costumes, but to be honest, they definitely capture French style with the simple, tailored, not-trying-so-hard kind of vibe.

Check out the hilarious SNL skit below to see the French-girl costumes up close! 



What do you think of SNL's take on French-girl style? Let us know in the comments below. And if you're feeling inspired to shop like a Parisian, check out these staples guaranteed to step up your style game no matter where you live.

Opening Image: Style du Monde