Are We All Going to Wear These It "Sneakerboots"?

In fashion, we're often following a rule of three. It may be a fluke when we see an interesting piece once or twice, but that third occurrence solidifies a trend. So with that in mind, you can add sneakerboots to the list of burgeoning styles you might want to try if you haven't already.

While just a couple months ago, Gigi Hadid wore a pair of Dr. Marten Coralia Boots—a specific sneakerboot style that features three wide straps across the top of the foot—sister Bella and fellow buzzy model Hailey Baldwin both sported similar pairs within the last 24 hours. Bella may have borrowed the pair right from her older sibling (hey, Yolanda does it, too), but Baldwin opted for a stark white version of her own.

Of course, we definitely can't credit these ladies solely for a hybrid style of athletic shoe and tough, lug-sole boots. In fact, a quick Google search for sneakerboots brings us tons of options, although mostly for men. But considering we're just at the beginning of spring weather, it's certainly interesting to see them all champion this look—with leather leggings and quirky track pants, no less—right now.

Scroll down to see how each of the models is wearing the sneakerboot trend.