8 Sneaky Ways Stores Trick You Into Buying More

We all know stores aim to increase sales, but did you know stores employ tricky tactics to get you to buy more, from strategically enticing you to shop in a clockwise pattern to using particular scents proven to get people to spend? It’s true, and with the aim to become ever-savvier shoppers, we had to share.

Scroll down to learn all the ways stores hook you into buying more.

Trick 1: Putting the most desirable sections farthest from the entrance. ​ 

Reasoning: They know you will walk through, and hope to entice you to buy other items on your journey. 

Trick 2: Putting the most expensive products at eye level.

Reasoning: Hopefully you’re too lazy to take in the entire stock, and just go with the more expensive items that are in plain sight. Lower-priced items are usually placed lower on the shelves.

Trick 3: Putting staple items in the middle of the aisles, and more luxury and non-essential items near the end. 

Reasoning: You’ll have to walk by the luxury and non-essential items twice to get to the staple item (once when you enter the aisle and once when you exit), which will hopefully sway you to purchase one of them.

Trick 4: Scenting stores to make you spend more.

Reasoning: Many retailers, from Bloomingdales to Jimmy Choo, are pumping very subtle scents throughout their stores so shoppers will make an emotional connection to the brand. According to retail-scenting companies such as Air Aroma, when this positive emotional response is activated by entering the store, customers browse longer and spend more.

​Trick 5: Putting “roadblocks,” or tables of merchandise, in the store so that you have to walk around it to get to another section.

Reasoning: Getting shoppers to stop or pause when they encounter the “roadblock” has been proven to lead to more purchases.

Trick 6: Carts are located closer to the entrance than the baskets, so the customer will reach the carts before the baskets.

Reasoning: Studies show you buy up to 40 percent more when the size of your cart is doubled, because you subconsciously want to fill it up.

Trick 7 : Store layouts include raised floor tiles and carpet.

Reasoning: If you’re forced to walk more slowly, you look at the merchandise around you for longer, which can increase spending by 8 percent. 

Trick 8: Putting the most appealing items on the right-hand side of the entrance.

Reasoning: On average, a customer buys 40 percent more when he or she moves through the store clockwise.

Have you ever noticed any of these layout strategies or the specific scent of a store? Let us know in the comments below!