Why This Woman Is Defending Her 1/4-Carat Engagement Ring

Adrianna Barrionuevo

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but cleary “they” haven’t met Rachel Pedersen. In defense of her small engagement ring, the 27-year-old shared an essay on Facebook that has since gone viral. In the post—which she also shared on Instagram—the Minnesota mom shuts down those who have commented on her diamond’s size. “Yes, I know that my wedding ring is small,” she says, going on to explain to those ring-shaming her that a ring means so much more than “an indication of success.” For her, it’s about the story behind it: “My ring symbolizes a whirlwind, storybook, ‘make you sick’ love story. It reminds me of how my husband and I met and fell at in love in one night at a Perkin’s diner.” Pedersen tells Us Weekly that she once dreamed of a two-carat sparkler from Tiffany & Co. but has since realized that “a true love with a foundation of respect and trust is far more valuable than a large diamond.” Here’s to that. Check out our picks for minimalist engagement rings below.

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