How Your Favorite Celebrities Dressed for the Airport Years Ago

It may seem hard to believe, given the world's obsession with what celebrities wear to the airport, but there was once a time when celebrity airport style wasn't a thing. Photographers didn't camp out at major cities' airports, publications didn't discuss it, and celebrities didn't always dress for the cameras. It wasn't until roughly circa 2008 that we all started seeing and caring about what celebs wore for air travel, and it's safe to say that it's reached a fever pitch. There are even some photographers who spend their entire careers at LAX, according to Racked's recent depiction of the evolution of the airport style craze. 

In the spirit of summer travel season, we thought it would be fun to reminisce back to when it all began with a few of our favorite airport style mavens, including Blake Lively, Kendall Jenner, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. We did some digging and unearthed some of their first documented trips to the airport and compared them to their most recent. One thing became very clear with our research—celebrities know there will inevitably be paparazzi staked out at the airport, and they now dress accordingly.

Scroll down to check out how the airport style of some of your favorite celebrities has evolved, and shop some of their travel style essentials at the end!