6 Slimming Essentials That Aren't Basic Black

There’s an old rule of thumb we all know (and practice!). Want to look slimmer? Dress in black. While we’re certainly not disagreeing, there are other ways to flatter your figure without tossing on the darkest items in your closet.

Below, we’re showcasing five items to invest in if you’re looking to appear slimmer. While you could totally purchase these items in black if you want to, we’d urge you to try them in another color (like the ones we highlight) to brighten up your vibe.

Keep scrolling to check out (and shop!) the essentials that’ll enhance your look this spring.

Do you have any of these essentials in your closet? What are some of your go-to slimming items? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde