PSA: Your Skinny Jeans Could Be Causing Major Back Problems


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There's always quite a lot of discussion about what different shoe styles do to your feet and body in general. But what about other fashion items, like the always-topical skinny jeans? Well, if you've been wondering what effect they could be having on your body, a new study by the British Chiropractic Association is clearing things up.

The chiropractors who conducted the study ranked the top five fashion items that are causing harm to your back health, and surprisingly, the number one culprit isn't high heels. While heels still made the top five, it was skinny jeans that landed in the top spot. Oversize bags, hooded coats, and backless shoes (i.e., mules) rounded out the rest of the list.

According to BCA chiropractor, Tim Hutchful, skinny jeans "restrict free movement in areas such as the hips and knees, affecting the way we hold our bodies." This, in turn, can have a negative effect on posture. But before you ditch your skinny jeans and heels, take note of Hutchful's solution. He recommends varying between skinny jeans and other looser pants styles, saying, "Moderation is best, and there are easy ways you can reduce the impact on your posture and overall health. For example, try and limit the number of times you wear skinny jeans or high heels every week so you're giving your body a break."

Read more of the BCA's enlightening study here, and shop non-skinny jeans to mix things up below!