Simple Outfits That Work No Matter Where You Live

As someone who was born and raised in the South, attended college in the Northeast, spent the past 10 years living in New York City and Los Angeles, and recently moved back to the South, I'd say that I've gained a good deal of perspective, when it comes to what women really wear around the country, with my most recent move being the most eye-opening.

As a fashion editor, I can't help but observe what people are wearing everywhere I go, and since this is my first time living in a city where fashion isn't a major industry since I became an editor, I see things differently.

In New York and Los Angeles, while each have a specific "look," you probably won't get a puzzled glance if your outfit is a little risky or you wear a very directional trend. Other cities around the country are a bit more conservative and stick to simpler outfits that are sure bets, based on my observations. This is not a bad thing by any means. It's just a regional difference.

While my style hasn't changed since moving (I often receive comments on my more unique pairs of shoes, and blank stares when I answer the Where are those from? question), I do feel more different than I ever have, and I understand why many street style–inspired outfits can feel inaccessible and outside of one's comfort zone.

That being said, I took it upon myself to find 10 simple yet stylish outfits ideas I know you'll love and feel comfortable wearing no matter where you live. But most importantly, always wear whatever makes you happy and best reflects your personal style. Feeling confident is the best style tip we can give.

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