Sienna Miller's Approach to Fashion and Aging Is Inspiring

Today marks Sienna Miller's 35th birthday, and while she'll forever be a source a style inspiration for us, the actress is already making some sartorial predictions for when she turns the big 6-0. We sat down with the actress in honor of her starring role in The Tale of Thomas Burberry, Burberry's short film, and she spilled not only the details of her fashionable future but also her current style philosophy and favorite London spot for vintage finds.

"Right now," she maintains, "I love slightly sexless fashion," explaining that she feels "happiest" when clad in menswear-inspired pieces that are anything but sultry. "Most of the time, I think I'd be happiest in fashion straight men wouldn't find sexy at all: buttoned-up shirts, white trousers. That's just my mood." However, the fashion lover admits she's always up for a body-skimming dress if the weather—and her mood—are just right. "That said, if it's hot, I'm back into flimsy little dresses. It's very mood-dependent," she says of her style thought process. "I trust my aesthetic and I know what's cool and what's not, but I don't have as much time to play as I used to."

Her jam-packed schedule, the busy mom adds, also costs her the one day a week she used to devote to vintage shopping. "I've always loved fashion as a form of self-expression. I used to live in Notting Hill, and I used to love to go to Portobello market and find vintage things. I'd go every Friday," she says. "If I had that time [now], that'd be great. But I've got a school run, and I've got stuff going on."

Although she doesn't have as much time for fashion as she once did, Miller continues to wow with her ensembles, whether she's having a super-cool and kooky pajama moment or wearing a laid-back airport look. But how will the actress's style continue to evolve as she ages? She outlines her wardrobe's current changes and how she believes it will continue to take form: "My style is a little bit more linear, a little more tailored as I got older. I do see myself going full wacky older lady and being 60 in full couture and mad hats, and I can imagine discovering mad creativity." Here's to 35, Sienna—and to your couture-filled future!

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Opening Image: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images