Sienna Miller Made the Most Bizarre (and Adorable) Tonight Show Appearance

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon made Sienna Miller's dream of dancing like a Rockette come true, but not before some ramen noodles and sake. Miller, who stopped by the show this week, was challenged by Fallon to a "Ramen challenge." The two competed as they each slurped three 4-foot long noodles followed by a heaping shot of sake. Miller took the lead, but Fallon's sloppy ways got in the way as she broke out in laughter. "It’s the most inelegant thing I’ve ever done in my life, and it was on TV," said the actress.

Fallon, however, had a pretty sweet consolation prize lined up. "Earlier you said that you love the Rockettes and that you wanted to be a Rockette," he said. "Well, we here at The Tonight Show want to make dreams come true, so we made a few calls to our friends across the street." A happily surprised Miller took the stage with Fallon and the Rockettes, and she immediately got into character, kicking up her heels as she showed off her moves.

Check out the video of Sienna Miller's cheerful appearance on the Tonight Show.

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Opening Image: NBC/Getty Images