First Grandpa Glasses, Now This Trend

Kendall Jenner and Suki Waterhouse were just a few of the celebs who embraced a bit of grandpa style this year. And while it’s quite a general term, you know the marks of it when you see them: an oversize cardigan, loafers with socks, and round, wire-framed glasses in the case of the aforementioned fashion girls. But Sienna Miller’s latest ensemble honored a different kind of grandpa-esque staple: the sweater vest.

While Miller’s Chloé top was a bit more of a faux vest with its white sleeves and maroon color blocking, when layered over a buttoned-up oxford, the effect was almost identical to the original inspiration. Miller’s look continued to skew more reserved with her choice of classic black trousers, and her heeled mules added a modern touch.

Overall the ensemble felt relaxed and classic but not in the most obvious way, and, yes, unexpectedly grandpa-like. And that's kind of our favorite part about it.

Scroll down to see the complete ensemble.



On Sienna Miller: Chloé Bicolor Sweater ($995).

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