This Fashion-Focused Instagram Account Is Too Funny Not to Follow

Even the most serious fashion girls know that fashion doesn't have to be so serious. The best creative minds in the industry do their best work when they remember to not take themselves too seriously—poking fun and having fun, making room for some tongue-in-cheek humor, and allowing themselves to break away from tradition and structure.

A new Instagram account is giving fashion lovers a breath of fresh, comedic air with our favorite runway pieces making their way—via Photoshop—into some of the most ridiculous, albeit hilarious, situations. The handle, @Siduations, places Chanel at the finish line of a marathon, Vetements as Christmas-themed long johns, and Balenciaga's asymmetric outerwear getting caught between subway doors.

Former public relations vice president Sidney Prawatyotin, the mastermind behind the hilarious account, spoke with Vogue about creating the comedic feed. He first began playing around with Photoshop, sending funny visual "gifts" to friends from back home like Phil Oh. Now his humorous mashups—that include high-fashion in mundane contexts—are swiftly gaining a following. The night before the interview, he gained a thousand followers. "I wanted to see if these looks on the runway actually make sense in these different situations and scenarios," he explained. "That is what started this series, like fashion people and sticky situations. Like, does this work in the real world?"

See below for the some of the best posts from the funny Instagram account every fashion girl should follow now.