The 3 Biggest Trends for 2016, According to Data

We can guess all we want about which trends will make it big in the coming year, but why not call upon some statistics to support our theories? The folks over at Shutterstock have compiled a detailed report on the creative trends that are sure to have an impact in 2016. The data reflects Shutterstock's customer downloads and search behavior from 2015—impressively, more than a million customers across 150 countries were taken into account. 

The findings? The top global trends include geometric prints, metallics, boho, and flat lays. While flat lays are perfectly applicable for your Instagram feed, the other three can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe all year long. To prove it, we rounded up some of our favorite picks for each of the three categories. Happy shopping!

Scroll down to shop the three biggest trends for 2016, according to Shutterstock's comprehensive data!

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Opening Image: Style du Monde