The Latest Sneaker Trend No One Saw Coming

When women say their wedding day is one they'll always remember, the hope is that it's because of the romance and fun, not because they spent the entire time nursing blisters from painful heels. As our office attire and weekend wear have become increasingly more casual, so too have the looks brides wear down the aisle. While brides may have once feared to stray from traditional heels, sneakers can increasingly be seen poking out from under the hem of even the most extravagant wedding dresses

Classic styles like Converse are popular for their ease and simplicity, but there are plenty of more eye-catching styles to wear down the aisle too. More and more, the fashion industry is offering sneakers that aren't just about comfort (though it's an added bonus), they're about style. Additions like lace and sequins feel particularly suited to brides, while small pops of color offer something a little different from traditional all white. Would you ever say "I do" to sneakers on your big day? We rounded up a few inspiration photos, along with some pretty chic sneakers, to inspire you.

Read on for a peek at the next big sneaker trend!