The Hoodie Style You Can Actually Wear in the Heat



For all the things we love about summer, you've got to admit it's not the most comfortable of seasons. Whether you're sweating your way through your morning commute on a crowded subway car, shaking sand out of god knows where after a day at the beach, or nursing an awkward sunburn thanks to some poorly applied SPF, the indignities of the warmer months are enough to make a girl (occasionally) long for some of the coziness of a late fall day and a fleecy hoodie to bundle up in.

But unless you're planning on sitting at home with your AC blasting all day, a short-sleeve version is probably your best bet. We like them layered over a sports bra after a workout, poolside as a swimsuit cover-up, or just for comfier-than-usual everyday wear. As Gigi Hadid proved last month in NYC, the trend has some style cred, too, especially when paired with matching joggers. (And when fall does come around again, try wearing a contrasting long-sleeve shirt underneath for a cool layered look.)

Below, shop Gigi's exact sweatshirt, plus 15 other styles you'll wish you were wearing right this very moment—or at least we sure do.