This Two-Piece Outfit Takes Years Off My Look

Truth be told, I don't put a lot of thought into choosing outfits that will make me look younger on a day-to-day basis. I've naturally amassed a handful of outfits that I wear on repeat, and I gravitate toward the pieces that they're comprised of when I shop, as you probably have as well. But those outfits do change from time to time, especially as my age changes. For example (and this is just my personal experience), after turning 30, I started to feel that wearing a minidress with the high heels I used to wear in my 20s made me look like I was trying too hard. Sure, if I had to pose on a red carpet (which I don't), I may feel otherwise, but just to go out for drinks or to a dinner party, it didn't feel right anymore for me. That said, I've since discovered a minidress trick that takes years off my look.

Since I'm certainly not anywhere near ready to ditch my minidresses (most of which I've acquired from Reformation, Zara, and Réalisation), I simply started pairing them with flat shoes. Whether in the form of loafers, sneakers, ballet flats, ankle boots, or sandals (I don't discriminate), flat shoes give my look a gamine quality that I never got when I paired short dresses with heels. I even quite often wear the simple non-aging look for nights out and in the winter (with the addition of black tights). Oh, and it goes without saying, the dress-and-shoe combination I now swear by is infinitely more comfortable than a minidress and heels.

Read on to see the outfit in action on the fashion crowd, and shop minidresses and flats that I'm currently coveting.

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