The 7 Summer Sales You HAVE To Shop This Weekend

Here’s the thing about sales: they’re really awesome, but their awesomeness is often a bit tempered by the fact that, often, it seems you're buying seasonal goods after the season is already over—or so near the end of it that the things you scored seem useless until the season rolls around again. As it turns out, this is (luckily!) a bit of a misconception.

In reality, the majority of discounts available in the retail marketplace at any given time result from in-season sales: friends and family codes, summer-only codes, and other limited-time offers. 

Translation: the vast majority of sales are on products you’ll still want to wear! This is great news—but actually hunting these timely sales down, and getting the products you want, are a whole other ball game entirely.

To make it even easier on you, we asked the co-founders of Hukkster—one of several sales-tracking apps on the market—to share seven really solid sales happening through Monday.

From Gap to Marc Jacobs, and everything in between, read on for must-have discount codes. Happy weekend shopping!