I Stopped Making These 13 Shopping Mistakes Post-30


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Confession: I haven't always been a successful shopper. And in all honesty, I'm still not about 100% of the time. From time to time, I buy things I don't need, I let the lure of a sale get the best of me, and I spend more money than I should on something for a special event that I know I'll only wear once. That said, since turning 30, I've identified and learned from certain shopping mistakes that I spent my 20s regretting, many of which have come to improve my post–age 30 wardrobe.

In my life as a fashion editor, one of the greatest challenges of the job is practicing self-control. If you've ever worked in retail, you can probably relate to the sartorial temptation that's pretty much impossible to avoid. (For example, my recent roundup of the best Zara sale items lead to no fewer than seven new additions to my wardrobe.) Which is why it's essential that I shop wisely, especially as new financial responsibilities have a tendency to present themselves in your 30s and beyond. Accordingly, I've compiled 13 shopping mistakes that I've stopped making post-30 (99% of the time, that is).

Read on so that you, too, can avoid them and have a better wardrobe (and credit card balance).