The Most Passionate Black Friday Shoppers Will Do This for a Great Deal

Black Friday has a grim name for being such a major part of a holiday weekend. The day after Thanksgiving kick-starts the holiday shopping season, and one thing's for sure: We've all come to expect major deals, and we'll put ourselves through a lot to get them. 

WWD reports that over 1300 consumers participated in a survey about holiday markdowns conducted by First Insight between October 29 and November 3, 2016. While the report focuses on how the respondents strategize holiday shopping, including where they believe the most deals can be found, the statistic about "how far" they're willing to go "for a savings of 50 percent" stood out. (And it's not the literal 100-plus mile trek 23% are willing to take for a sale.)

A staggering 55% of consumers "are willing to post a selfie in an ugly holiday sweater or costume on social media." We're all for a festive sweater, but we had no idea so many shoppers were into sharing their jolly sartorial look if it meant getting a good deal. Hey, it beats traffic, and what better way to stay cozy?

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Opening Image: Christian Vierig/Getty Images