These People Are More Susceptible to Shopping Addiction, Says Science

Some people might joke about being obsessed with buying new clothes, but as Elle reports, shopping addiction is a very real thing. To dive deep into the topic, the magazine tapped a slew of big guns to expound on the science behind it: a Columbia University neurobiology professor, a Harvard Business School neuroscientist and assistant professor, and a UCLA neuropsychologist.

The most fascinating thing we gleaned from Elle's reporting? According to the glossy, the brain chemical dopamine "surges when you're considering buying something new—anticipating a reward, in other words." But not everyone reacts in the same way—people who are more prone to addiction have a unique quality. "The culprit, according to other brain-imaging studies, such as a 2010 report in Science, may be faulty dopamine receptors: Those who tend toward impulsivity experience a bigger release of the neurotransmitter than the rest of us, which leads them to crave another hit," Elle explains. Fascinating, right? Head over to Elle to read more about the topic.

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