20 Items I Know I'll Get Hundreds of Compliments On (and So Will You)


Le 21ème

Welcome to our new shopping column, Add to Cart, where each week, I'll be showcasing my favorite must-have products found within our new app, SHOP/Who What Wear

Ever wonder how editors really shop? What they look for? Where they find the best picks? How they stay ahead of the trends? Well, because we like (and maybe even love) you guys so much, we created a shopping app called SHOP/Who What Wear that allows you to shop exactly like an editor. Not only does this new app make shopping from your phone dangerously easy, but every product has been hand-selected by our editors here at Who What Wear. Basically, we did the sifting for you, so all you'll see is the best of the best from more than 30 retailers.

As an avid shopper myself, my favorite part of the app has to be the seamless purchasing process, where you can buy items from multiple retailers all within the confines of one checkout. To show you just how excellent the products within the app are at this exact moment, I decided to go through and pick out 20 of my must-have items. Trust me when I say that choosing just 20 pieces might have been the hardest thing I've done all week.

Ahead, shop the 20 items currently sitting in my SHOP/Who What Wear shopping cart, and be sure to download the app for inspiring fashion right at your fingertips.

Want more? Be sure to download the SHOP/Who What Wear app for even more incredible products.