We Found Thongs You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Wear Out of the House

Thongs (or flip flops) have to be one of fashion's most polarising items. People generally either love them or hate them, but being Australian, we'd have to say we sit somewhere in the middle. Rubber thongs certainly have a purpose (like wearing them in the gym shower), but whether they’re fashionable or not is definitely up for debate. With so many beautiful leather sandals and slides on offer, it seems a shame to get around in a pair of double pluggas. But we can't deny that the simple shape can look chic. Happily, we recently came across a brand that ticks the elevated-yet-practical box. Created by husband and wife duo Jesse and Carly Burnett, Brazilian label TKEES’ simple leather thongs come in an array of neutral colours. At under $100, they’re an affordable leather sandal that's perfect for keeping by the front door for running to the shops or wearing on beachside holidays.

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Opening image: Splash News

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