This Bag Trend Is So 2019, Which Is Why You Should Buy It Today

Do you remember the last time you saw a drawstring pouch bag doing the rounds? I do, and I think it was when the Spice Girls were still releasing new music. I carried one to my year six formal, and still have it tucked away at my parents house in a box of trinkets from my youth. 

Like all good things from the '90s and early '00s, the pouch bag trend is having a renaissance moment and it's set to continue trending into 2019. How can I know for certain? Well Attico toyed with the trend last year, releasing a couple of drawing satin pouches, and now, over twelve months later, I spotted at least six new designs in the brand's current collection. Ganni's also jumping in on the trend, and now I've spotted it at Charles & Keith, too. With three major brands all at different price points jumping in on the trend, it's safe to say it'll be everywhere next year. Which is why you should buy it today, so you can get in early. 

Better yet, it's Black Friday, meaning we've found eight on-sale styles so you can shop (almost) guilt free.

The texture of this olive bag is so lush.

Tiger print is your new leopard print.

This bag (in green) did the rounds during the recent fashion month circuit.

This mini bag will force you to edit, so you only take the essentials.

Wear it with either the chain strap, or longer fabric strap.

Opening image: Getty Images

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