An Expert Says This Is How to Find the Best Bikini

If you love the process of swimsuit shopping, more power to you, but there is no denying the fact that there are plenty out there who just aren't that into it. But the designer of the body-inclusive swimwear label Lonely, Helene Morris, explains that swimwear shopping doesn't always have to be so difficult.

In case you aren't familiar with Lonely, the brand's mission is to "foster a sense of positive body image and freedom of expression" through its lingerie and swimwear collections. From its campaign imagery down to the models wearing its products, Lonely's encouraging message really hits home for us on the swimwear front, especially since summer is right around the corner, and those bikinis aren't going to buy themselves.

In addition to in-depth information about the brand and what sets it apart, Helene also gave us the advice every woman searching for a bikini should take serious note of. If there's anyone to listen to when it comes to body-positive swimwear shopping, it's the designer of this inspiring brand. Go on to read our interview with Helene Morris from Lonely on how to find the perfect bikini, and find her top three pieces of advice below.

1. try on multiple styles