This Cult L.A. Brand Just Released Its First Fine Jewelry Line

If you don’t already know the fashion-girl favored L.A. jewelry brand Luv AJ by name, then you’ll likely recognize its distinguishable style: a chic yet effortlessly edgy vibe marked by cool cross motifs, hoops, and pavé studs. Or, if you’re like us and are one of the many obsessing over designer Amanda Thomas's collection on the regular, prepare to fangirl over her next big feat—her first foray into fine jewelry. Luv AJ is partnering up with Iconery, an online jewelry destination that gives designers the means to produce high-end collections—and shoppers the marketplace to buy them.

“We’ve been following Luv AJ for awhile as a brand. She’s such an iconic designer. We had both friends and advisors say, ‘You know, you should really talk to Amanda Thomas at Luv AJ,’” says Ivka Adam, founder & CEO of Iconery.

Luv AJ’s first fine jewelry line comes out today online at both Iconery and Luv AJ, and features designs inspired by both the brand’s signature best-sellers, such as those cool-girl cross hoop earrings, as well as some newer pieces from the spring 2016 line. Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Amanda Thomas and Ivka Adam on the collaboration.