Kendall Jenner Is Selling Her Clothing on eBay

Fact: We can always count on Kendall Jenner for next-level shopping inspiration. From ’70-inspired denim moments to city-slicker sneaker outfits, her parade of killer look after killer look has us constantly on the Kendall-approved product hunt. But now, you can buy Kendall’s actual wardrobe for yourself. Really.

The ultimate It girl is selling her clothing for a good cause on eBay, with a percentage of the sales going to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Until 10 p.m. EST on November 1, you can bid on some of Jenner’s trademark pieces, like her distressed Mother denim, Alexander McQueen sneakers, or Alexander Wang crop top. What could be better than that?

To jump-start your shopping, check out our picks straight from Kendall’s closet! Will you be buying any products from the sale? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!