How to Find Jeans That Actually Fit


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Everyone hates shopping for jeans—I double dare you to find someone who loves it. For me, I get around the arduous task by shopping for my denims online. I prefer to try on in the comfort of my own home (and in front of my own mirror). The only problem? I never get it right—I’m always returning, or having to visit my secret weapon (Mimi’s Alterations in Westfield Sydney). The problem for me, and I know for many other women, is that the style often fits around the legs, but then sits loosely around my waist. Not ideal.

With a growing stack of jeans that don’t fit, I decided to turn to an expert to help me out. I reached out to Ali Hootman, creative director at Mavi, and asked the best style of jeans to search for, when shopping online.

"More than any other item of clothing, fitting a pair of jeans is something that may require a little thought or even some assistance from a denim fit expert. Once selected, this wardrobe staple has an endless life of dressing opportunities. The key tip that we have come to rely on when fitting jeans is to look at the waist. It’s not something that we think about on our bodies, but the length of your waist is a good indicator as to what kind of fit of jean will work best on you. A mid-rise jean is great on a short torso, as it flatters proportions. A high-waisted jean is great on a long torso, and favoured by many women as it pulls in the stomach and creates a curvy look. Stay away from low-rise to be safe."—Ali Hootman, Creative Director, Mavi

So there you have it, the secret to making your jeans fit, is to shop for a style that suits your torso. We suggest searching Mavi, General Pants Co., and The UNDONE. And if they still feel a little loose? That’s what these belts are for.

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