This $10 Accessory Was Basically Made for Cool Instagrams


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Don't deny it—you know you want a cooler Instagram account, and we just discovered the $10 accessory that will make that dream a reality. One of the best social media tips we've discovered is to "play with props" (e.g., sunglasses, lipstick, bags) so that your poses appear more natural and relaxed. Props also add a secondary level of interest to whatever content you are creating, and when it comes to photos of your clothing, we firmly believe that tacking a few pins onto your look will elevate your Instagram (and your outfit) in seconds flat.

It just so happens that one of my best friends, Mackenna Millet, is an insanely talented graphic designer/animator/all things dealing with design that I do not understand, and as a casual side project (insert sarcastic tone here), she decided to start designing pins. Sold on Etsy under the name MackMillet, her three unique pin designs are too photogenic to pass up. I can tell you from firsthand experience that after passing these $10 accessories around the Who What Wear office, it seemed like a day didn't go by for weeks where someone wasn't wearing (or posting) a MackMillet pin, and I had never been more proud. Whether you choose to wear your pin collection on a jean or leather jacket, your sweatshirt, or even on a handbag, let me assure you that with pins this cute and affordable, you really can't go wrong.

Go on to shop the $10 accessory that will up your Instagram game and to shop a selection of other pins we love.

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