Going on Vacation? Here's Exactly What to Pack


CMG Studios

Guilty of overpacking? Us too. Why do we so carefully plan every detail of our vacations only to unnecessarily overstuff our luggage with 10 pairs of shoes “just in case”? There’s nothing chic (or comfortable) about lugging around suitcases filled with pieces you probably definitely won’t wear, so let's all take a vow: to travel smarter by planning our packing with the same enthusiasm with which we planned our itinerary.

To start, hone in on the activities that go hand-in-hand with the destination you’re traveling to. Will you be wandering the streets of a new city or simply spending time at the beach (with the chance that you might have to scrub up and go to dinner one night)? Step two is the real trick to saving space in your suitcase: Find a couple great pairs of shoes that will tick all the boxes. Our top three requirements? Chic, comfortable, and versatile.

Today, we broke down three of the top summer destinations you may be traveling to, along with key pieces you need to pack (Clarks shoes included) for the ultimate summer vacation wardrobe. Your vacation starts here. 

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