What the Sex and the City Wedding Would Have Cost in Real Life

It's been eight years since the first Sex and the City movie came out. Can you believe it? That means it's been almost a decade since Carrie Bradshaw's dream wedding to Mr. Big famously went awry.

As InStyle reported, Ebates did the math and calculated how much iconic movie weddings would have cost in real life. As for Bradshaw's nuptials, Ebates estimated the figure to be a staggering $229,869. The company factored in prices of the ceremony, reception, attire, wedding rings, gifts, and miscellaneous expenses to come up with the number. You may remember that Bradshaw's over-the-top dress was Vivienne Westwood—Ebates estimated that her gown and Mr. Big's suit alone would have totaled $27,390. Impressive, right?

Watch the video below to see how much other movie weddings would cost, and keep scrolling to shop unique dresses for yourself.

video: Ebates

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