This "Sex and the City" Revelation Will Blow Your Mind

The more you know: Cynthia Nixon just dropped a major bombshell about Sex and the City that might make you love the fashion trailblazing show even more. As Elle pointed out, Nixon said in a recent interview with IMDb Asks that all the crazy scenarios the ladies got themselves into were based on real-life experiences. "They had a rule that they couldn't put anything in an episode that didn't literally happen to someone in the writer's room or someone they knew firsthand," she told IMDb Asks. "It couldn't be, like, my father's brother's sister's shoe repair guy heard once that, you know? So the outlandish physical, sexual things that happened—they really did happen." Would you have ever guessed that? Apparently the truth really is stranger than fiction. [Elle]

New face of Louis Vuitton: The brand tapped Bond girl Léa Seydoux as face of its new campaign. "I feel extremely proud at the thought of representing such a strong symbol of French elegance, an iconic brand whose initials are known the world over," Seydoux said in a statement. [Fashionista

Beauty icons: Hollywood and beauty have always been inseparable. To wit, Byrdie rounded up the 22 most iconic red carpet beauty looks of all time, dating all the way back to Marilyn Monroe in 1952. [Byrdie

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