This Film Is Any Shoe Lover's Fairy Tale

As seriously as we do take fashion here at Who What Wear, we also know that with such creativity comes a certain level of whimsy. Never is that more apparent than in the film released this week by Sergio Rossi, entitled Magic Kingdom. Following models Lou Schoof and Bhumika Arora plus gymnast Nataliya Bulycheva as they frolick around Rossi’s famous factory in San Mauro Pascoli like fairy-tale characters, the film gives the trio and viewers alike a taste of the footwear design process. CEO Riccardo Sciutto told Footwear News of the setting, “We envisioned the factory as an enchanted kingdom, a place where magic comes alive. … We teamed with Bruno Miotto to realize a dynamic, fun video, showing our heritage and company know-how with a brilliant and unexpected twist, but staying true to Sergio Rossi’s real DNA.”

See what we mean by watching the 60 seconds of magic for yourself below. Plus, click over to Sergio Rossi for the exclusive extended version.


Sergio Rossi

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