Your September Horoscope Is Here—Consider It Your Guide to Fall


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Happy September, everyone! We find ourselves with the sun in Virgo and an active and amazing month ahead after the solar eclipse (in Leo) of August. Virgo emphasizes balance of all kinds: being meticulous about our work and balancing out our daily routines. Virgo also encourages us to help out the people in our lives or even to be of service to strangers.

For September, taking care of our vessels will also be key because when we feel our best, we do our best. The full moon in Pisces on September 20 asks us to balance out the mundane with the spiritual, so even as you are hyper focused on moving ahead this month, be sure to add in some yoga, meditation, or journaling when you need a little time-out. Mercury will be going direct on September 5 from Leo back into Virgo, so we will experience a lot of forward movement with that.

Read on to see what the cosmos have to say for your star sign this month.