The New Eyewear Line Your Favorite Bloggers Are Obsessed With

If there’s one singular accessory fashion bloggers rarely leave the house without, it’s their favorite pair of sunglasses. So when we spotted several of the most prominent bloggers out there wearing new eyewear brand Seneca, we did a bit of digging—and it turns out, they really are as cool as Aimee Song (Song of Style), Vanessa Hong (The Haute Pursuit), and Martha Graeff (Around In Style) seem to think.

Just launched at the end of June, Seneca takes the model Warby Parker engineered—you can order several pairs of glasses and try them on at home before you commit to buy—to an even more fashion-forward level. Inspired by architect Le Corbusier's idea of purism—the concept that a pure shape like a circle or square is the most aesthetically pleasing, the brand was officially named after Roman scientist Seneca the Younger—who was responsible for the first recorded use of magnification.

In keeping with their aspiration that simplicity is better, all Seneca’s styles are classic acetate frames in clean shapes, and (as these bloggers demonstrate) they go well with just about any outfit you can cook up—from the ultra-cool matte black Edgar shape to the more feminine Nero style in honeycomb print.

The best part: prices start at just $100, including prescription lenses. The 14 different styles range up to $130—variations can happen because each style is cutomizable in up to four different colorways, with five different polarized lens tints in the sunglasses.   

Scroll down to see your favorite bloggers wearing Seneca, and our favorite 11 styles to shop now!