7 Things British It Girls Are Buying Now

While most of you are soaking up all the summer sun you can get, British girls overseas are already gearing up for the fall. Considering London's generally cool weather, can you really blame them?

It should be no surprise that when it comes to trends and staying ahead of the style curve, the ladies overseas are always on top of it. When you have inspiration from fashion superstars like Alexa Chung and Kate Middleton, it almost becomes too easy.

So what are It Brits shopping now? We turned to British online retailer Selfridges to find out. We perused the company's best-sellers section to find out the newest designer pieces that are moving the needle for women across the pond. The good thing is, you don't have to be British to reap these rewards.

Browse the site's most popular items below, and grab them before they sell out. Happy fall!


Once you have the classic T-shirt, a comfy hoody should be next on your list. 


You can never have too many mules. 


Nothing says fall like a quality leather jacket.


Be effortlessly cool in these vintage cropped jeans.

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