Selena Gomez Wore the Brand NY Girls Love


Sandy Liang via Splash Images

When in NYC, it's only normal to do as New Yorkers do. So it's no surprise that while in the Big Apple, Selena Gomez has been busy nailing street style like the girls who reside there full time. The first giveaway is the fact that Gomez opted for head-to-toe black. Another tip-off is her choice of sneakers instead of a more impractical heel. But the not-so-obvious clue that Selena is cued into NYC style is the fact that her jeans are by designer Sandy Liang.

Liang has become a favorite among New York editors and trendsetters for her whimsical-cool dresses, jackets, jeans, and more. From flowy dresses in daring prints to a luxe parka that's a must for winter, Liang is the designer to know, and with Selena on board, we have a feeling you'll see more celebs in Sandy Liang very soon.

Read on to see Selena Gomez's look and to shop a few of our favorite pieces from Sandy Liang right now!