Selena Gomez Shares a Peek Into Her Personal Life for a New Vogue Cover

As much ooh-ing and ahh-ing we may do from afar when it comes to our favorite celebrities, there's nothing we love more than getting to know the real people behind the fame. It makes them that much more relatable and inspiring when we're given a peek at what goes on when there aren't cameras around. One of our favorite celebs out there, Selena Gomez, has done just that by opening up to Vogue Australia in her cover story for its September 2016 issue.

It turns out there's a lot more to being famous than we see from the outside. "For a while my private life was the most talked about thing," Gomez told the magazine. "Nobody really knows everything and they can only assume. You want to do what you love but all this other stuff overshadows it so it makes it a little harder for people to take me seriously." The singer had a positive outlook on her situation, however. “I figured it's just temporary. I feel like that fortunately and unfortunately it's where my life is at the moment and I have to accept it."

Gomez said she doesn't have time to date as the moment, and she's set on shifting the focus back to her work. Clearly her approach is working, as her Revival tour continues to sell out at stops all over the world. Her candor on life in the limelight is seriously refreshing, and we can't wait to see what she accomplishes next.

Scroll on to see a sneak peek of the cover shoot for yourself, and read the full article in Vogue Australia's September issue, on sale August 15. Plus, go a bit further to shop picks we think Gomez would love!


Vogue Australia


Emma Summerton

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