Of Course This Is Selena Gomez's Most-Liked Instagram Ever

Selena Gomez knows a lot about breaking records on Instagram. The singer and executive producer walked away from fashion week with the most-liked photo on the social media app—a picture of her and Anna Wintour. And last year, she had the most-liked image of all time, a record that could only be topped by Beyoncé's epic pregnancy announcement in February. But Gomez has not stopped outdoing herself, and a post from just last weekend is now a personal best in terms of numbers.

Of course, the Instagram picture is from the first weekend of Coachella when Gomez shared a moment between her and The Weeknd. The two have been seen together quite a bit in the past few months, however, this was the first time that she personally shared anything about their relationship. And while last year's record-breaking Instagram raked in around 6.6 million double taps to date, the recent post is just shy of 7 million.

>Scroll down to see the record-breaking (even if only a personal one) photo that sparked massive amounts of likes.


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