The Secret Behind Selena Gomez's Amazing Style Lately

If there’s one standout celebrity whose style has had our editors buzzing lately, it’s undoubtedly Selena Gomez. The pop star, who has been on an international promo tour for her new album release, Revival, has really upgraded her personal fashion choices this year—and is looking more stylish than ever.

Vogue's editorial team found out that celebrity-beloved stylist Kate Young has taken the reins of Gomez’s style and is totally killing it. Young chatted with the magazine about what exactly inspires her approach to dressing Gomez.

"We’ve had a clear vision of what we wanted to do together from the beginning,” Young, who started working with Gomez more than a year ago, says. “There’s an overall mood that we’re going for, which is young, modern, clean, and sexy without ever being fussy.”

In our humble opinion, the duo is a sartorial match made in heaven, and they’re achieving exactly what they’re going for. ​Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite recent Selena Gomez looks (and the tips she follows to look so great) now!