Is Selena Gomez Reviving This Forgotten Skinny-Jean Trend?

Another day, another Selena Gomez denim trend. Naturally, we’ve been paying close attention to Gomez’s off-duty denim looks of late, and there hasn’t been much to speak of in the way of skinny jeans until this week. Gomez just ditched her beloved cropped flares and vintage-inspired denim for a pair of skinny jeans that featured a subtle trend that we haven’t been seeing very much recently—ankle zips at the hems. This moto-inspired look wasn’t dead, per se, as denim designers do still produce them, but celebs have been opting for frayed hems more often than the alternative.

Our other takeaway from Gomez’s skinny-jean look was the styling trick she utilized—and that you’re certainly familiar with: the half-tuck! It first became a thing back in 2013 before making way for a cleaner-cut full tuck, but we’ve definitely noticed it bubbling up again on the street style scene. Gomez’s oversize white button-down probably would’ve been a bit overwhelming to tuck into skinny jeans all the way, but by doing a half-tuck, she was able to make the billowing top significantly more flattering.

See the skinny-jean trend and styling trick Gomez just revived below, and then shop zip-hem skinny jeans!

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