Selena Gomez Pulled Off This Unexpected Ankle Boot Look

Selena Gomez has a knack for taking classic outfit combinations and making them feel fresh, and the singer's latest ensemble is no exception. While out and about in Los Angeles, Gomez gave jeans and ankle boots—a seemingly unshakable combination—an unexpected twist.

While usually, tucking skinny jeans into ankle boots is the norm, Gomez decided to tuck vintage straight-leg pants into ultra-tight sock boots. The result is a bunching at the ankle that adds a little extra edginess to her ensemble. If Selena's twist on jeans and boots isn't quite your style, you can try cuffing your jeans instead of tucking them, but either way, you'll be worthy of a street style snap. Then, add a crop top à la Selena for an off-duty ensemble that's head-to-toe cool.

Read on to see Selena Gomez's take on boots and jeans, then shop pieces inspired by her fashion-forward style!