This Chill Outfit Earned Selena Gomez Over 5 Million Instagram Likes

Selena Gomez, aka the most followed person on Instagram, has been welcomed back to the spotlight with open arms as of late. If you need proof, just check out the simple outfit post that Gomez shared on Instagram this week. She posted a picture of herself wearing a '90s-inspired outfit, consisting of a mohair sweater and baggy, ripped overalls with white sneakers. And after just a few days, the post has quickly become her most-engaged of the year so far, with 5.4 million likes and counting. 

To add to the draw of the post, Gomez's entire outfit costs less than $150 and is from Urban Outfitters. Both the $44 cropped fuzzy sweater and the $99 overalls are from the retailer's in-house brands and are still available in every size, in case you're inclined to re-create Gomez's chill outfit. 

Check out Selena Gomez's most-liked Instagram of 2017 so far, and shop her look below!

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