Selena Gomez's Coachella Bikini Top Is on Sale

Coachella calls for creative dressing that breaks all typical quotidian fashion rules. In addition to over-accessorizing (to the right degree) and adopting more bohemian sartorial sensibilities than our everyday wardrobe would suggest, we're able to test out novel summer-ready pairings we might not get away with at another venue. Celebrities are no exception to these particular practices of festival fashion, and often set the standard for some of the best festival-ready inspiration.

Selena Gomez tested out one such novel look (with great success, we might add) while out with The Weeknd on the first night of Coachella. She sported a bikini top with high-waisted jeans—an admittedly popular festival combo—but she also wore the bikini's matching high-waisted bottoms, peeking up a solid inch above the denim's waistline. The look recalled the unique outfit combination that's huge right now—fishnets under jeans, with the tights' waistband visibly worn above the waist of the pants. Gomez topped off the daring look with a light bowling-style shirt worn unbuttoned, yellow sunglasses, and white sneakers.

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Opening Image: JB Lacroix/Getty Images